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VR/XR solutions

The designer of customized VR experiences

XR Presence provides a VR/XR platform and a wide range of functionalities to create company specific virtual reality solutions and experiences

Customized solutions

We help you showcase your business, sell more, multiply your capabilities, generate interactive wow effects and create exceptional experiences in virtual reality.



The question most of us have faced is how to facilitate spontaneous discussions and interaction between strangers in virtual reality?

We have developed a number of solutions for different occasions to enable social interaction in virtual reality whether it's about personal discussion, group chat, spatial audio or personalized characters.

Book a demo and we'll show you.

Everything you need, all in one place.


To provide an evolving VR/XR experience for your stakeholder groups you need a tech platform.

The platform enables building virtual infrastructure that is compatible with mainstream technologies making integrations with other platforms possible in the future.

Seeing is believing. And it's worth booking a demo.


Modelling the outlooks of VR/XR is just the beginning. In addition you need various functionalities to choose from to enable presentations, group and personal discussions, spontaneous virtual encounters etc.

Ask about our constantly expanding selection of functionalities for different purposes.


With the best-in-class combination of tech platform and functionality only imagination will limit what can be done.

Whether you need a tireless virtual copy of your sales team to sell in virtual reality, a showroom to present your products or services or a virtual space for training and education.
Ask more what we can do for you.

Dream big - Start small - Scale fast


Social Web XR

Tired of having Teams, Meet or Zoom meetings? Interested in trying something else?

Social Web XR provides you a platform for multi-user interaction and a set of tools to facilitate immersive experiences that people love


Digital Twins

A digital twin is a virtual representation serving as a digital replica of a real life object, system, or process. Or of you.

With XR Presence platform and functionality you can duplicate real life processes, resources, environments, and even personal encounters to work for you in virtual reality.

Let us tell you some more and help you to get started.

Get started quickly

Take advantage of our existing sites, let's amend them according to your corporate image.
We can make a digital twin of a current site and customize it accordingly.
The best way is "just start".