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Our Work

Built with you in mind

we make the sites rock

We concentrate in functions, solutions and interactivity within the space!  
- XR - preboarding - XR - onboarding - XR - training and XR - learning
Conference centers

Conference centers.

Ready templates with your company customization, we have different sizes available and custom sites can be developed according your need

Training centers

Training centers.

XR Preboarding, onboarding, learning and training have been measured very cost effective.  Onboarding - 50 % in time and money savings and learning has been measured 10-15% better.

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces.

We have created sites of different sizes, from 10 people up to 200-person sites.  Very effective way of learning virtuality, also the methodology with existing digital tools can be very helpful.


Shops and showrooms.

New markets, customers can be met.  24/7 pitches from your best sales reps can work in different languages serving new customers in new regions.  

board room

XR multifunction board room.

Multifunction site with lots of functions and solutions.  This space can be created as onboarding in technologies for board members, or war room or strategy room, or foresight room, depending on your needs.

Corporate HQ

Corporate HQ's and other large sites.

We have created digital twins of existing buildings and we have also created fictive buildings for future needs.